A visit to the Egmore Hospital.

Our next visit was the Egmore Children’s Hospital. Being a sunday , the Hospital in the literal sense was completely deserted. We were totally lost and the person we were to meet was not picking up her phone. After looking thro’ half the hospital and failing to locate her. Dr. Kala , the person who were to meet called us back and said she would send someone to bring us to her. She apologized and said she was on rounds. The Hospital as we saw it and to it’s name was only and only a CHILDREN hospital.  We waited a while for Dr. Kala to come. Once she came , she enquired about us and where we are from and what we would like to do. Once we cleared out her doubts , she took us around the hospital where we saw the various wards and a few doctors who were working that sunday.

There was one section that disturbed me the most. That was the IMCU section [ Intensive Medical Care Unit ] They were babies who were bandaged , who had oxygen masks to their face. Their was one child who s head was burnt. I could not bare to look or stand in that place a second longer but i could not run away either. In another ward, I saw one child who had orthopedic problem. Both his legs were bandaged. He bawled when his father left him. I could not stand to see that as the mother was not able to manage him and due to his legs was shifting him very gingerly.

I went upto him and sat beside him holding out my hand. He did nothing but just stared at me, his tears stopped. He was scared. But i didnt move. His mother kept his hand on mine twice but he kept taking it away. I still sat and watched him. He looked up at me , this time not scared but not coming close either. When i said bye to him , that was the first time he smiled at me and waved back. I felt happy he was alright. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Harshitha & I learned during the tour of the hospital that they required man power for cleaning up the hospital as all the cleaners had retired and it was kept neat by the nurses [ mind you , it was fairly neat ].  They also required several monitors , infusion pumps , beds again etc… Harshitha & I were again at a loss of what to say and do. But we told me them what we were capable and will get back to them.

We left the hospital. I was totally off with what i saw in the IMCU. I would love to visit that hospital again , this time when all the doctors are there and learn more about it.