Movement & Magic!!! :D


As a child, one of the best discoveries I made was my love for dance. I used to stand in front of the television and just move to the tunes. I never saw it then, it was right there in front of me. I was feeling it, experiencing it & living it. Dance brought me freedom. I was myself. It was just me and my world. Nothing else mattered. I could lose myself in dance for hours and come back all pumped up and ready for life! 😀

After almost 3-4 years no dancing…. I discovered dance again through Creative Movement Therapy. Every class has taught me to listen to my body, be aware of every move, sense every feeling in every body part, let my body talk & most importantly to just let go.The more I moved, the deeper I discovered myself, the freer I became & more happiness I experienced. 
Your movement is all about you, it is you & no one can take that away. 🙂

The release that movement gives, the soothe the music provides and the open space is a perfect floor to just surrender yourself to your body and let the rest take its course. Movement has brought magic into my life. Every time I need to break free, all I need to do is move to the perfect tune and ease myself into it. ❤

The music – the right music has been very crucial in letting me discover and breaking free. So move your body at every chance you get, experience those emotions, let your body flow and release it all. Experience the power of movement, experience magic! 😀


Writing can be Therapeutic

It started when I read the book “Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson”. Her poems were so beautiful, so simple yet so deep. It looked so simple that I decided to try to write poems. That was it. At the age of 14 I started writing poems. I found the many ways of writing poems, explored the topics I could write on and soon I fell in love with writing. Over the years I started exploring casual writing. I started writing about my various experiences, my random thoughts and everything under the sun that took my interest. Unfortunately, I did not publish all of them. My MS word was my best friend for writing and making me feel light. Today, I openly write in a public forum. Every time I write, i feel free. I feel like I’ve been heard. I feel at peace with myself. My every sad emotion, every heart breaking and maddening experience, thoughts, feelings, words and what not, from my life is out there. Today I am a Psychology student. But even before I knew about Psychology, I knew about a form of therapy – WRITING! Today, I realize entirely the therapeutic importance of writing. It’s been so long since I last wrote. I realized there are so many unsaid things. So much I haven’t spoken about. So many things that’s drifted into my unconscious. It’s like unfinished business. So much of silence that these days, noise does not even stop to linger anymore in my life. Right now, as I’m typing, the thoughts are just flowing, the feelings are surfacing and relief is what I feel. I never realized how much I’ve missed writing, how much of therapy I have lost, how many issues I could have dealt with so long back.
You may be wondering what has all of this got to do with writing being therapeutic?
Every time I write , I feel like 1) I experience freedom
2) I’m able to think so much more clearly and bring clarity to myself
3) Unconscious thoughts rise and make me aware of my hidden emotions as well.
4) Some answers to unanswered question come out.
5) The pain in my heart starts to ease.
6) New perspectives I’m able to see.
7) I feel heard and comforted.
8) I’m able to free my mind of all unwanted sources.
There is so much more writing can do. One of the most important things it has done for me over the years is bring me HAPPINESS. It may not be therapeutic in the literal sense of the word. But nevertheless, it has an effect. It makes a difference. It has helped through the toughest of times and I’m forever grateful for discovering my love for writing.