Thenmozhi’s experience.

While at the Chengelpet Government Hospital , i badly wanted to talk to one of the mothers. When i sought out the first mother , i found out from the father that the child had caught on jaundice. She looked so tensed and worried that i decided against it. It was then i saw another mother in the Mothers Room with her baby. She looked happy, relaxed and peaceful. So i went to talk to her. She was very happy to talk to me, which made things a little easier for me.

The Mother s Name was Thenmozhi. She had delivered her second child on the 8th or 9th of May. It was a girl baby. She already has an elder daughter who s 5  years old. Her name is Deepika. She told me she was very happy with the hospital and the way it treated her. She was also happy and grateful for the immediate admission and the help they gave her the night before her labour. She told me that they gave her  her medicines at the right time. Food was chapati and daal and that too was given at proper and prompt timings. They gave liquid for the evenings and also kept 2 packets of biscuits which she could eat anytime. So there was no problem with the food and medicines part of it. I asked if her husband was happy with 2 daughters. To my surprise she told me he was very happy.

She later told me that she wanted to do her operation so as to not have any kids anymore. But her child had got jaundice a few hours after she was born when she and her child were given a health check up . The doctor had informed her that she was healthy but her child had yellow fever. She was also told to go on with her operation but Thenmozhi went against it and told the doctor she would not do her operation unless and until her new born was healthy and alright. The baby was kept in the ventilator for 3 days. The doctor told Thenmozhi that the baby was fine and it was better to keep her here another day and give another check up. So once that s done , she would do her operation. Thenmozhi was waiting for the operation to be done and for the information of when they would discharge her.

Thenmozhi’s love for her child was apparent and i was glad she had her families support for girl babies. I felt happy and relaxed as i left her. It was then i realized that Government Hospitals are not as bad as i thought they were. That was Thenmozhi’s story.