Writing can be Therapeutic

It started when I read the book “Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson”. Her poems were so beautiful, so simple yet so deep. It looked so simple that I decided to try to write poems. That was it. At the age of 14 I started writing poems. I found the many ways of writing poems, explored the topics I could write on and soon I fell in love with writing. Over the years I started exploring casual writing. I started writing about my various experiences, my random thoughts and everything under the sun that took my interest. Unfortunately, I did not publish all of them. My MS word was my best friend for writing and making me feel light. Today, I openly write in a public forum. Every time I write, i feel free. I feel like I’ve been heard. I feel at peace with myself. My every sad emotion, every heart breaking and maddening experience, thoughts, feelings, words and what not, from my life is out there. Today I am a Psychology student. But even before I knew about Psychology, I knew about a form of therapy – WRITING! Today, I realize entirely the therapeutic importance of writing. It’s been so long since I last wrote. I realized there are so many unsaid things. So much I haven’t spoken about. So many things that’s drifted into my unconscious. It’s like unfinished business. So much of silence that these days, noise does not even stop to linger anymore in my life. Right now, as I’m typing, the thoughts are just flowing, the feelings are surfacing and relief is what I feel. I never realized how much I’ve missed writing, how much of therapy I have lost, how many issues I could have dealt with so long back.
You may be wondering what has all of this got to do with writing being therapeutic?
Every time I write , I feel like 1) I experience freedom
2) I’m able to think so much more clearly and bring clarity to myself
3) Unconscious thoughts rise and make me aware of my hidden emotions as well.
4) Some answers to unanswered question come out.
5) The pain in my heart starts to ease.
6) New perspectives I’m able to see.
7) I feel heard and comforted.
8) I’m able to free my mind of all unwanted sources.
There is so much more writing can do. One of the most important things it has done for me over the years is bring me HAPPINESS. It may not be therapeutic in the literal sense of the word. But nevertheless, it has an effect. It makes a difference. It has helped through the toughest of times and I’m forever grateful for discovering my love for writing.

Thenmozhi’s experience.

While at the Chengelpet Government Hospital , i badly wanted to talk to one of the mothers. When i sought out the first mother , i found out from the father that the child had caught on jaundice. She looked so tensed and worried that i decided against it. It was then i saw another mother in the Mothers Room with her baby. She looked happy, relaxed and peaceful. So i went to talk to her. She was very happy to talk to me, which made things a little easier for me.

The Mother s Name was Thenmozhi. She had delivered her second child on the 8th or 9th of May. It was a girl baby. She already has an elder daughter who s 5  years old. Her name is Deepika. She told me she was very happy with the hospital and the way it treated her. She was also happy and grateful for the immediate admission and the help they gave her the night before her labour. She told me that they gave her  her medicines at the right time. Food was chapati and daal and that too was given at proper and prompt timings. They gave liquid for the evenings and also kept 2 packets of biscuits which she could eat anytime. So there was no problem with the food and medicines part of it. I asked if her husband was happy with 2 daughters. To my surprise she told me he was very happy.

She later told me that she wanted to do her operation so as to not have any kids anymore. But her child had got jaundice a few hours after she was born when she and her child were given a health check up . The doctor had informed her that she was healthy but her child had yellow fever. She was also told to go on with her operation but Thenmozhi went against it and told the doctor she would not do her operation unless and until her new born was healthy and alright. The baby was kept in the ventilator for 3 days. The doctor told Thenmozhi that the baby was fine and it was better to keep her here another day and give another check up. So once that s done , she would do her operation. Thenmozhi was waiting for the operation to be done and for the information of when they would discharge her.

Thenmozhi’s love for her child was apparent and i was glad she had her families support for girl babies. I felt happy and relaxed as i left her. It was then i realized that Government Hospitals are not as bad as i thought they were. That was Thenmozhi’s story.

Salsa the Master B’s way!!! ;)

Well after 3 weeks of HIP HOP which ended quiet DISASTROUSLY!!! 😦 I moved on now to SALSA!!! 😀 😀 finally , what i’ve been waiting for. I did try salsa twice before and it was kinda easy. But when my master did it… the only thing I did was let my jaw drop! 😦 My master , Balaji anna. I was all excited when he started off. But i have no clue why i found even the basic step tough to catch on. I don’t know if i just didn’t get it or i was too cautious of how i was dancing this particular dance???!!!But when my master started his moves….. i was like OMFG!!!!! His grace , that flair , the way he did the steps , everything…. EVERYTHING,was sooooooooooooo PERFECT!!!. It was wonderful to see. All i could do was just stare. From his hands to his hips and to the leg everything was just AWESOME!!! 😀 I immediately got a complete complex of ” I CAN NEVER DANCE LIKE HIM!!!” and became very cautious in my every move which made only things worse!!! 😦 The only thing that was running in my mind was ” How can anna dance like this?? so flawless and effortlessly??” He was a natural!!! I could only feel myself shrinking next to him instead of pucking up the courage to be bold and dance as well as he does. But yes!!! I have decided… if im gonna be PERFECT in SALSA , it’s going to be the MASTER B’s WAY!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 

My passion – A HEAVEN!!!??

Well i was kinda of mood off the whole day yesterday and it was time for my dance class. With the kind of MESS i was having in my mind , i prayed that i focus and dance well today as it was time for PERFECTION to take it’s place. I stood by the window , thinking random things. I did not notice my sir come in or tap his feet in order to get my attention. I only realised moment’s later that he was present in the room. I apologised sheepishly and the class began. He sensed something wrong in me but did not ask me until the end. My mind was not focused even when started off with the stretches. I was starting to worry that i would probably be screamed at any moment. But thankfully the moment we started to DANCE , things changed. My mind went clear, i was more happy and focused. It was strange but it happened. I wondered at THAT moment if it was the DANCE STUDIO that caused this change or DANCE ITSELF!!?? Whatever was the cause , being there was sure like being in HEAVEN!!! I was starting to wish the classes would be an hour longer!!! That’s how my dance and the studio make me feel.. ATTACHED , HAPPY AND HEAVEN!!!

A Dream to Remember…

I had a dream this morning [ and morning dreams are supposed to come true.. right? But this one is far from it!! ]. It was something so similar to the climax of the book ” PROPHECY : THE RISE OF THE SWORD “ written by ” PRIYA K “ [ a senior in my college ]

My dream started off with me in a place on the beach. I guess it was a guest house and all of us [ students , some who i knew and some who i didn’t ]were chilling out since it was summer hols. I have no clue where this scene suddenly came from. I was in A/V Room and i found the ” GODS “ , and strangely just they didn’t  have names 😦 , sitting around the room , their eyes fixed sternly on me. In my dream the ‘ MAIN GOD” was not seen. I only saw the 3 brothers of that God. Strangely , i seemed to be [ already ] quiet close to one of them [ he was cute too 😛 ] [ I’ll just call him ‘ My friend‘ ] Well the news came to me that , I was somehow the ” AVENGED ONE “  😦 :O [ for reasons unknown ]. I had apparently done something to offend the gods. They challenged me to a fight. Me , who doesn’t take SHIT from anyone not even THE GODS agreed for it. The challenge was : I needed to save the people. From what : Cyclone.

Well the day passed by like that .. with fireworks between me and THE GODS!!

The next day. We had dance practice [ don’t ask for what , i have no idea ]. Well i came to remove my slippers in the A/V Room. ” MY FRIEND “ was next to me. It was then that he told me what the ” MAIN GOD “ had planned to start up a cyclone. I got totally pissed and started yelling saying ” this is completely stupid and that I’m really fed up of the MAIN GOD , etc.. etc.. ”  My Friend was like ” Stop it! His brother is staring at you” [ another HOT guy 😉 😛 ] I turned to see that guy glare at me and smile. I rolled my eyes and huffed out of the room in fury. Within seconds i looked up to see on all 4 sides , the sky was turning black. The girls in the guest house and around me panicked. I ran at the speed of light.

The cyclone was moving in fast and somehow i sensed some dark magic around it. I ran from side to side and up the guest house and screamed at the top of my voice ” RUN OUT!! MOVE!!!” The girls stampeded down the stairs and out of the building. I only remember seeing myself almost alone in the A/V Room. The GODS simply casually and coolly staring at me with those evil eyes.

I really don’t know if i managed to save the people and myself . Before it ended, I was shaken awake.

The difference between my dream and Priya’s book was :

1} The place : My dream – The beach house & Priya’s Book – Lemuria

2) Source of the prob : My dream – Cyclone & Priya’s Book – Thragone’s soldier’s 

3) Characters Name : Me – Harshika & Priya’s Book – Neha

4) Neha knew all the gods and was close to NONE while I didn’t know ANY of the GODS and was close to ONE!!!

SO this was my DREAM!!! 😀 One which i never want to forget ever!!! 😉

Vicks vapo rub and Tea

Once we had boarded the train to come back to Chennai. My sis and i had to get down at trichy @ 12 midnight. The moment we set foot on the trichy station, the insane cold hit us. Blocking our noses and making it hard to breath , out of sheer exhaustion we some manage to sleep though with a bit of struggle.

The next morning before we left for our i ordered for tea. My throat by then had become dry and was paining making it hard to swallow anything. Once the tea had arrived immediately made my own tea waiting for no one. It became a bit of a disaster as i had poured too much milk and had forgotten to pour the hot water 😦 But the tea tasted good and i was forever grateful to that person who invented tea as my throat felt better 🙂

That night , i completely gave up on trying to sleep as my cold had become worse. After a fight with my nose i asked dad if he had some VICKS. Thankfully he did , i applied the vicks on my nose , throat and chest. I closed my eyes one more time and immediately fell asleep. I woke up fresh next morning. I told my sis , ” I’ve never been more grateful to that blessed VICKS VAPO RUB”. 😀 This was followed by a super cup of hot tea , made by my dad this time 😛 Boy was it good for my throat.

As i drank my tea i just thought to myself… * Man has invented the 2 best things in the world. 1) Tea and 2) Vicks Vapo rub * I voiced this to my parents and i found them grinning to each other 😉

Well.. to me these two are the most heavenly gifts from man!! 😀 That’s it for now ppl!! Cya!

The Tiruchendur Temple

This is about my trip to Tirunelveli. My family and I went to Tiruchendur to visit the Murugan temple. It is a very beautiful temple situated by the sea shore with lots of shops to look at. I guess after 2 or 3 years i was going to TAiruchendur and the place was looking fabulous.

This not how the temple looks right now. Sorry i could not get the picture of the temple since cam’s were not allowed.


All neat , no wet floors, AC in the darshan room , pillars painted with sloka’s on them etc… I must say i was impressed. I walked down the slope staring at the pillars trying to read the sloka written in tamil. While were waiting for our guide , one of the priest people to come, i stared at the crowd in front of us in aghast. It was as if a Kumbh mela was happening. But with god’s grace we somehow managed to get thro’ without losing each other well ahead of the others who were in the front.

I got an awesome full darshan with god and prayed a lot for what i wanted throughout my life. After 2 mins we got up and moved out leaving way for others. By the time we saw all the gods , prayed and were out of the temple i was starving to the core with the soles of my feet aching.

Badly wanting something to eat i asked my aunty to get my some Prasadam . So we bought 2 packets of Adirsam ( a roasted round sweet made from jaggery) and some packets of Puliyodarai and one packet of chakara pongal (sweet pongal) for me. After eating ; what with the driver disappeared and all ; we got some strength back. By that time the driver had come and we were ready to go home!!! 😀

Here is the photos of the Prasadams :

The chakara pongal

The adirsam

The Puliyidarai rice


All of you must visit this temple. It is a religious that must be visited often. Your darshan with god will give you so much satisfaction! 😀

Hope you liked the post. Bye bye now!!


Another lovely poem forwarded by one of my friends. Her name is Vaidehi Kulkarni. I do not know if  she has written this on her own or someone sent it to her. But it really touched me and i thought the WORLD should know about what HAS happened and IS happening to girls.




A girl is like a bird,

God’s most prettiest creation in the world.

The childhood of girls is their golden age,

After that the world keeps them in a beautiful cage.

This innocent creature looks like a fairy,

Who looses her feather when she marries.

She leads all her life serving others,

She also has a heart but no one bothers.

A dress of happiness and pleasure she wears,

But in every corner you find a girl shedding tears.


Moral : Give the the girls due respect they deserve and try to never hurt them.

Girls… this is also for you towards the boys. Do not hurt the guys as well…. unless they COMPLETELY deserve to be hurt…



I got this from the newspaper too ….


Against paying
a bribe instead of a fine.
Against the temptation to get things
moving by greasing the system.
Against using my hard earned money for an easy way out.
Against the excuse that everyone does it.
Against the fear of being called idealistic.
Against the belief that there’s no other way,
Against everything that is corroding this nation’s soul.
I swear to vote against it all.



I actually got this from a newspaper….


Against religion
that divides my fellowmen
Against religious leaders who trade in devotees.
Against preachings that teaches me to hate.
Against any religious practice of material gain.
Against non-tolerance if any other form of worship.
Against the use of violence to create peace.
Against all that is destroying my faith in my country.
And all that will destroy my faith in humanity.
I swear to vote against it all.