Truly my MAD Family…

It’s time for one more post about MAD , this time about my MAD Family 🙂

With just 2 more months to go for final semester exams , my parents asked me to put a stop to every single activity. I was heart broken because I did not want to stop MAD , did not want to be away from my friends , my co – teacher and more than anyone my KIDS! 😦 😦

But my parents hardly ask anything of me… So i agreed. All said and done , their happiness is equally important 🙂 



This is my MAD Family ( some people are missing) 🙂 🙂 😀

Saturday was a completely emotional day for me. It was the last day I was going to spend with these brilliant people. I was torn apart like I would never meet them again … Pretty much the same thing for me actually. Being away from these guys is like being in 2 different countries. 😦 

After a lot of probing and discussions mom finally agreed to let me go see my friends. I was overjoyed!!! 🙂 😀 After what felt like an eternity of waiting , my busy bees finally became free to meet me. I rushed to meet them , only to find them in a half – sleepy and depressed state 😐 😦 so much for excitement.:| But never the less i was happy to be with them 🙂 

After giving all the stuff I needed to give back to these people ( felt like a Santa giving gifts 😛 ) , I gave my 3 special friends their special letters to show how MAD they made my life!!! 😀 I had sat up till 2 the previous night to write those letters , hoping and praying they would like it 🙂 After all , i was half – crying and had no clue what went into those papers :O

After 10 mins of spending time in our usual place [ CCD – The place where A LOT HAPPENED OVER COFFEE & it all began 🙂 😉 ] , we went to our center to meet our kids. I was very keen on going to see them as it would be the last time i would be seeing them 😦 

We entered the center . The kids had just come back from school. At first they were sad that we may have come to take class for them. But after seeing we had no intentions of doing that , they were extra happy to see us and crowded around us. We never ever thought , we would have so much attachment to the kids and they to us! 😀 *tears* 

We were all huddled near the stairs with the kids shuffling between each volunteer , more than any of the other kids ( whom I spent time with first as soon as i went ) , there were just 4 kids I badly wanted to see and spend time. My kids! My boys and girls! My eyes searched for them and soon sought them out. 🙂 I spent equal time with both the boys and girls. Eventually , that privacy vanished when a group of tiny tots crowded around me and took away my phone. 😛 I was chill about it. 🙂 They played around with it , some very comfortably lying on my lap. I pretty much had to lean back to keep my balance! :O 😀

After a lot of teasing , singing ( Shady songs encouraged by the shady queen 😛 ) , games on cell phones , small talks with kids , asking them about Dream Camp 😀 and ME , after getting heavily criticized by Suresh (one of my students) for waking him up at 6 am during Dream Camp 😛 and after breaking the sad news to them that I’m leaving ( I had to control myself from breaking in front of them and keep my voice steady). 😦 I was surprised that the boys were equally shocked and sad that I won’t be coming back. The girls hugged me and all of them promised to study well and not trouble my co – teacher 😀 🙂

I told them that my co – teacher would let me know if they were troubling him 😛 😉 They laughed and said they would not trouble him 🙂 I did not have the heart to leave the center at all! In fact I was pretty much ready to just spend the whole day there until I actually HAD to leave…. Tears were brimming in my eyes and I tried to not let them fall. 

Once all us volunteers were out , we spent a few minutes talking to each other. I looked at my center head and my other co – teacher and the feeling in my heart was reflected on their face 😦 There was just one person who didn’t even so much so look sad and that was my first co – teacher 😦 😛 When asked his reply was ” O of course I’m sad . I’m never gonna see you again. I’m crying deep inside. I’m torn. Idiot. It’s not like you re my life 😛 ” I was dumbstruck and just did not reply. No point anyway. For him , I was anyway always going to be in his life but for me he was not going to be there for another 3 -4 months 😦 *sigh* The differences between teachers despite strong bonds :O 

I hugged my center head , heard my other co – teacher cry for me and made my first co – teacher buy me ice cream!!! 😀 😀 He was completely himself and made me feel like I’m not leaving at all!

I love each and every one of my volunteers / FAMILY MEMBERS 😉 😀 😀

All of us left with smiles on our face 🙂 

A wonderful day. A beautiful memory. One I want to treasure. 🙂 🙂



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