A Special Dedication – Dream Camp!! :D

If there was something extra special about Dream Camp , It was because of THESE people.

This post is a special dedication to those people who made it so memorable and extra special 🙂



One of the Starters Level Kids at the CHI center.

When I first met him in September, he was the naughtiest , rowdiest , with an ” I – don’t – care – about – you” attitude , mocking at everyone and was very disobedient and unruly.

But for the last few months I’ve noticed and specially at the Camp… The way he has MATURED , the behavior change ( naughtiness is still there) 🙂 😛 , attitude change , the respect he gives , his obedience and MOST importantly , we don’t have to tell him , when he sees we are in need of an extra hand for anything , he is ALWAYS around to help. That s the most special thing about him. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

His helping tendency which he developed in the last few months. I can’t help but admire him and told him once he was a role model in certain ways for the kids ) . I expected a protest from others but they were all proud of their friend. I’m very proud of him and very happy with him. His maturity is definitely a sign to show that we have MADE A DIFFERENCE 😀

If not for John’s help every now and then with the other kids of our group , my mentor and I would have just given up altogether ( well almost). But he is the reason , at least for me , that I kept pushing myself to help my mentor as much as could and keep the kids in order.

I salute him! 🙂 



My mentor. My best friend. One person , who in spite of all the work he had , always made time for me to listen to me if I had any problem and lend a hand. A person , who even after spraining his leg ran about doing work and just refused to let me take control 😦 . His dedication as mentor was unbelievable and I’m in awe. 🙂 He’s my admiration. My inspiration. My encouragement. 🙂 🙂 He worked so hard at the camp. He was so enthusiastic about every minute of it. Hats off to him! 😀



My co-teacher. My role model. This was the man who in spite of a whole day’s handwork at the camp , and after working on his experiment for this kids till 2 am in the morning , sat and listened to every single problem that i was going through and the mess that was in my mind and also the reason for my breaking down that day. He guided me , advised , made me feel at ease and light in the head. If not for his attention and listening , I would not have been a good mood the next day or even today. He is one of those people who show endless dedication in anything they do and undying passion. 🙂 

He is one of those people who has shown me patience always , no matter how busy and how tired. That s the most beautiful thing about my co – teacher. The most reliable and my personal guide. 😀 😀 




My devils but also my darlings. This dream camp showed me a completely new side of them. These 2 boys who already have 2 much of male ego and were always reserved , were at the camp more open. More kind. They spoke their hearts out to us. Obeyed us. Listened when we guided them. Seeked our help and most important , WANTED us there with them! 😀 😀

I loved every minute specially that I spent with these 2 boys because I was getting to know them just as well as my girls. 🙂 🙂 Now all my kids are equally comfortable with us and that is the greatest achievement for me.  🙂 Here again , we MADE A DIFFERENCE. 🙂



Shwetha.. My girlfriend 😉 My best friend. The sleepover. The personal talks. She is an immense joy to be with. She practically had no idea what was going on at the camp with the frenzie she was in but she managed to pull everything together. A kind soul , to whom one can warm up  easily 🙂 . My kids certainly did 🙂 . She always checked on me to make sure I was alright though she was running about all over the place. She is the one who stayed up at night to help out with ideas and so much more. She is brilliant. 🙂 😀 She is the BEST! 😀 




SINDHUJA!!! (sorry girl. I seriously had no other picture of you from camp 😛 )

And last but not the least ; the Coordinator of Dream Camp. Very organised. Fully planned. Very reliable and of course very dedicated. She would yell , boss you , pile  you with work , but she is a lovely person to be around 🙂 🙂

If the DREAM CAMP was what it was… It was ONLY and ONLY because of HER!!! 😀 😀 She managed to give equal job roles to everyone , give priorities to everyone’s ideas and opinions , help along with any problem anyone had , make sure we had everything we need and also that we had FUN!!! 😀 All in all , she pulled it off with style!! 😀 😀 


Without these people , Dream Camp for me would have been something entirely different. Today , It is the BEST memory of MAD I have. 🙂 🙂 🙂 
These people have my full respect and admiration. 🙂 They MADE A DIFFERENCE for ME in MY life! 😀 🙂 

*snaps fingers and bows* 😀 


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