A visit to the Chengelpet Govt. Hospital…

For my first week’s field visit , along with Harshitha , we went to Chengelpet to the visit the Goverment Hospital. We were to meet Dr. Satya who was incharge of the Maternity Ward. It took us a while to get around the hospital and find the place and the doctor. We were asked to wait for a while. As we waited , Harshitha and I saw that there were many babies who were really tiny and really underweight. I could not bear to look at some of them. I also noticed that the Mothers Room was bare of furniture and that they were on the floor along with their children … some even out on the corridor with the families. The new borns were kept on the ventilators for warming and in some ventilators were 3 – 4 babies. While we were there the power had gone out twice and the generator found it hard to support the entire hospital and the ventilators kept fluctuating. The suddenly horrible thought flashed across my mind that something might happen to the babies as the atmosphere in the room was already a little tense.

Mean while , the doctor had become busy and asked us to go around the hospital to take a look around. We noticed that in every ward , either there was a lack in the number of beds or the beds were empty [ which got me furious when i thought about the mothers ]. The waste disposal was a terrible condition. They did not have proper bins to throw waste and it was all in buckets , which were hardly taken out. This obviously means they did not have a proper place to dump the trash. The floors were wet with water. There were some sections of the hospital which smelled as the toilets had not been cleaned. The amount of constant cleaning work which came about frustrated the staff. Everyone was so busy that there was hardly time for them to talk to us. This lead to many parents thinking Harshitha & I were doctors and kept coming to us.

Family members were not left into the mother s ward which got them more anxious than they already were. They tried to get in with Harshitha & I as an excuse. We both were stunned and were at loss of words. When we went back to the doctor and asked what kind of requirements does she personally feel the hospital needs. As expected , the requirements were everything we saw [ beds , waste bins , cleaning equipment , generators etc… ]. Dr. Satya also took us to the new building which was being constructed for mothers and babies and surgical. The place was big and spacious but i was wondering how well would they use that space.

With all that done , we ended our day and left the hospital. The pitiable condition of the babies disturbed me. The place brought a lot of thoughts to my head. I wanted to see more , explore more and talk more. But this was all i could do for now. I hope my next visit brings a better result.


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