First week as an Intern

Well my first week and first assignment as an intern went pretty well. My assignment was to find out NGOs which deal with scholarships . The criteria was that they needed to be i. grassroot organisations , ii. deal only with scholarships , iii. within tamil nadu. Well the within Tamil Nadu part was not difficult. But the other two were , woah!! , they drove me out of my mind in 4 days!!! :O :O The problem was that there were not many organisations which dealt with scholarships and even if they were , they also dealt with other fields such as health , awareness , livelihood etc… Secondly , most of them were NOT grassroot NGOs.

I spent 4 days looking through 10 different sites only to end up with a site which actually gave the list of 4213 organisations :O :O 😐 😐 . I died at one point when i reached the 840th NGO. It was then i realized this was the list of NGO s in INDIA. I gave up then and there ….. 😦 😦 😦 After a lot of hard work , a little bit of inner research i found a few NGO s which atleast 2 of the criteria and some others which dont but would be great to work with.

So wrapping that up , i sent a mail to my project manner giving my suggestions and opinions [ wonder if im allowed that 😐 ] and  was done with the assignment… 🙂 I’m happy at the way it went. But let’s see what my boss thinks. *fingers crossed*


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