Why are people still so stereotyped!!!???

Today i viewed a sociological aspect at the Chennai Airport. Well being a sociology student , to me now nothing is like ” OMG!!!! This actually happened!!?? :O ” . Now i simply feel ” I guess this is sociology ” .

Well my family and i were at the Chennai Airport , talking to my sister outside as we were well before schedule. As we were talking , a transgender passed us and was talking to the security. He , [ and I’m saying that as the face and shoulder build was male ]  did not have his ticket as his colleague [ i assume ] . The security lady was asking him a lot of questions , i guess after seeing his passport. It surprised me how , transgenders alone need to face all that and not us!!! I mean literally 5 mins of questions n answers. Then his colleague finally came and gave the ticket and he was allowed in.

I went a little closer to the door to search for my dad when i heard the lady talk about him. She just randomly commented saying , ” in the passport everything that says about his male , but he acts like a female “. She mimicked him and started laughingly. I was amused and irritated at the same time.  To a normal person , they would also laugh along , but to a sociology student , it’s a whole different perspective. I looked at this from a complete sociological perspective. I thought , i can’t believe people were still so stereotyped.

That transgender was quiet educated , i guess was flying on work , decent and well dressed. He was quiet poised and did not behave in the usual way we see most of the transgenders. I mean what different does it make of who they are. Is it not a FACT that they are still HUMAN BEINGS!!!!??? Why the freaking DISCRIMINATION!!!?? Yes of course may times they may come across to be an irritation , but even so , they are NOT a BAD OMEN!!! Then why do we treat them so??? Why can’t we give them a chance to be who they are?? Treat them as our equals?? The difference between them and us is ONLY the way they are OUTSIDE!! But given  a chance and if we observe , they most certainly can do EVERYTHING we can and CAN be our EQUALS!!! If only they were given a chance!!!!!

Well , i feel this is a matter that greatly needs to be looked upon. If only we start looking at the things differently , stereotypes will become non- existent.