A Dream to Remember…

I had a dream this morning [ and morning dreams are supposed to come true.. right? But this one is far from it!! ]. It was something so similar to the climax of the book ” PROPHECY : THE RISE OF THE SWORD “ written by ” PRIYA K “ [ a senior in my college ]

My dream started off with me in a place on the beach. I guess it was a guest house and all of us [ students , some who i knew and some who i didn’t ]were chilling out since it was summer hols. I have no clue where this scene suddenly came from. I was in A/V Room and i found the ” GODS “ , and strangely just they didn’t  have names 😦 , sitting around the room , their eyes fixed sternly on me. In my dream the ‘ MAIN GOD” was not seen. I only saw the 3 brothers of that God. Strangely , i seemed to be [ already ] quiet close to one of them [ he was cute too 😛 ] [ I’ll just call him ‘ My friend‘ ] Well the news came to me that , I was somehow the ” AVENGED ONE “  😦 :O [ for reasons unknown ]. I had apparently done something to offend the gods. They challenged me to a fight. Me , who doesn’t take SHIT from anyone not even THE GODS agreed for it. The challenge was : I needed to save the people. From what : Cyclone.

Well the day passed by like that .. with fireworks between me and THE GODS!!

The next day. We had dance practice [ don’t ask for what , i have no idea ]. Well i came to remove my slippers in the A/V Room. ” MY FRIEND “ was next to me. It was then that he told me what the ” MAIN GOD “ had planned to start up a cyclone. I got totally pissed and started yelling saying ” this is completely stupid and that I’m really fed up of the MAIN GOD , etc.. etc.. ”  My Friend was like ” Stop it! His brother is staring at you” [ another HOT guy 😉 😛 ] I turned to see that guy glare at me and smile. I rolled my eyes and huffed out of the room in fury. Within seconds i looked up to see on all 4 sides , the sky was turning black. The girls in the guest house and around me panicked. I ran at the speed of light.

The cyclone was moving in fast and somehow i sensed some dark magic around it. I ran from side to side and up the guest house and screamed at the top of my voice ” RUN OUT!! MOVE!!!” The girls stampeded down the stairs and out of the building. I only remember seeing myself almost alone in the A/V Room. The GODS simply casually and coolly staring at me with those evil eyes.

I really don’t know if i managed to save the people and myself . Before it ended, I was shaken awake.

The difference between my dream and Priya’s book was :

1} The place : My dream – The beach house & Priya’s Book – Lemuria

2) Source of the prob : My dream – Cyclone & Priya’s Book – Thragone’s soldier’s 

3) Characters Name : Me – Harshika & Priya’s Book – Neha

4) Neha knew all the gods and was close to NONE while I didn’t know ANY of the GODS and was close to ONE!!!

SO this was my DREAM!!! 😀 One which i never want to forget ever!!! 😉


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