Salsa the Master B’s way!!! ;)

Well after 3 weeks of HIP HOP which ended quiet DISASTROUSLY!!! 😦 I moved on now to SALSA!!! 😀 😀 finally , what i’ve been waiting for. I did try salsa twice before and it was kinda easy. But when my master did it… the only thing I did was let my jaw drop! 😦 My master , Balaji anna. I was all excited when he started off. But i have no clue why i found even the basic step tough to catch on. I don’t know if i just didn’t get it or i was too cautious of how i was dancing this particular dance???!!!But when my master started his moves….. i was like OMFG!!!!! His grace , that flair , the way he did the steps , everything…. EVERYTHING,was sooooooooooooo PERFECT!!!. It was wonderful to see. All i could do was just stare. From his hands to his hips and to the leg everything was just AWESOME!!! 😀 I immediately got a complete complex of ” I CAN NEVER DANCE LIKE HIM!!!” and became very cautious in my every move which made only things worse!!! 😦 The only thing that was running in my mind was ” How can anna dance like this?? so flawless and effortlessly??” He was a natural!!! I could only feel myself shrinking next to him instead of pucking up the courage to be bold and dance as well as he does. But yes!!! I have decided… if im gonna be PERFECT in SALSA , it’s going to be the MASTER B’s WAY!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 


My passion – A HEAVEN!!!??

Well i was kinda of mood off the whole day yesterday and it was time for my dance class. With the kind of MESS i was having in my mind , i prayed that i focus and dance well today as it was time for PERFECTION to take it’s place. I stood by the window , thinking random things. I did not notice my sir come in or tap his feet in order to get my attention. I only realised moment’s later that he was present in the room. I apologised sheepishly and the class began. He sensed something wrong in me but did not ask me until the end. My mind was not focused even when started off with the stretches. I was starting to worry that i would probably be screamed at any moment. But thankfully the moment we started to DANCE , things changed. My mind went clear, i was more happy and focused. It was strange but it happened. I wondered at THAT moment if it was the DANCE STUDIO that caused this change or DANCE ITSELF!!?? Whatever was the cause , being there was sure like being in HEAVEN!!! I was starting to wish the classes would be an hour longer!!! That’s how my dance and the studio make me feel.. ATTACHED , HAPPY AND HEAVEN!!!

A Dream to Remember…

I had a dream this morning [ and morning dreams are supposed to come true.. right? But this one is far from it!! ]. It was something so similar to the climax of the book ” PROPHECY : THE RISE OF THE SWORD “ written by ” PRIYA K “ [ a senior in my college ]

My dream started off with me in a place on the beach. I guess it was a guest house and all of us [ students , some who i knew and some who i didn’t ]were chilling out since it was summer hols. I have no clue where this scene suddenly came from. I was in A/V Room and i found the ” GODS “ , and strangely just they didn’t  have names 😦 , sitting around the room , their eyes fixed sternly on me. In my dream the ‘ MAIN GOD” was not seen. I only saw the 3 brothers of that God. Strangely , i seemed to be [ already ] quiet close to one of them [ he was cute too 😛 ] [ I’ll just call him ‘ My friend‘ ] Well the news came to me that , I was somehow the ” AVENGED ONE “  😦 :O [ for reasons unknown ]. I had apparently done something to offend the gods. They challenged me to a fight. Me , who doesn’t take SHIT from anyone not even THE GODS agreed for it. The challenge was : I needed to save the people. From what : Cyclone.

Well the day passed by like that .. with fireworks between me and THE GODS!!

The next day. We had dance practice [ don’t ask for what , i have no idea ]. Well i came to remove my slippers in the A/V Room. ” MY FRIEND “ was next to me. It was then that he told me what the ” MAIN GOD “ had planned to start up a cyclone. I got totally pissed and started yelling saying ” this is completely stupid and that I’m really fed up of the MAIN GOD , etc.. etc.. ”  My Friend was like ” Stop it! His brother is staring at you” [ another HOT guy 😉 😛 ] I turned to see that guy glare at me and smile. I rolled my eyes and huffed out of the room in fury. Within seconds i looked up to see on all 4 sides , the sky was turning black. The girls in the guest house and around me panicked. I ran at the speed of light.

The cyclone was moving in fast and somehow i sensed some dark magic around it. I ran from side to side and up the guest house and screamed at the top of my voice ” RUN OUT!! MOVE!!!” The girls stampeded down the stairs and out of the building. I only remember seeing myself almost alone in the A/V Room. The GODS simply casually and coolly staring at me with those evil eyes.

I really don’t know if i managed to save the people and myself . Before it ended, I was shaken awake.

The difference between my dream and Priya’s book was :

1} The place : My dream – The beach house & Priya’s Book – Lemuria

2) Source of the prob : My dream – Cyclone & Priya’s Book – Thragone’s soldier’s 

3) Characters Name : Me – Harshika & Priya’s Book – Neha

4) Neha knew all the gods and was close to NONE while I didn’t know ANY of the GODS and was close to ONE!!!

SO this was my DREAM!!! 😀 One which i never want to forget ever!!! 😉