An ADVENTURE trip!!! :D :D :D

Woooooooooohooooo!!! Had a super time today canvasing for my college ROTRACT WALKATHON… yes walkathon. What is a walkathon??? For that you need to wait 2 more dates. Ill explain it to you in DETAIL on Sunday , Jan 9th once the walkathon is a success 😉 Coming back to my adventure trip 😛

Well.. we need to go to certain colleges and appeal to the deans and request them to make their students participate in the walkathon. My friend and i were given 3 colleges. All were far off from my college about 1 hour travel 😦 We needed to go to MCC – Tambara , SDNB Vaishnav college – Chrompet and MIT – Chrompet.

Having no clue as to how to get about Chennai; since this last year only,  from May 2010, my parents have started letting me go out alone ; I blinked at which way to go once i cam e out of my college. Then my friend and i turned back to the security and asked them how do we get to Tambaram by train . Eeeeeeeeep!! 😦 he told us one LOOOOOOOOONG route. Without choice we got going. So we waited for the 27D bus outside our college for like 20 mins before it showed up *sigh* .  Then we went to egmore and *sweat drop* went into the railway station and searched for the platform for 10 mins before we found it. We had to ask 3 people 😦 It was an embarrassment for me 😐 being in Chennai and not even knowing the platforms but yes it was only the second or third time i was travelling by local train 🙂

SO we bought the ticket and waited for the train. After few minutes the train came and we got on into the Ladies section.  I stared in awe at all the small , village type places we crossed at each station we stopped. I mean when i compare my hight style city life to this.. i was dumb – struck. People were struggling yet content. i was fascinated by all the small markets and the calves running about on the road 😛

Well we finally reached Tambaram. After finishing MCC college (not going into the appealing details for any of the college as u all know what appealing is) we took the train back to Chrompet. That place is altogether another story * whistles*. Chrompet as far as i saw was just a place which had 10 lanes all parallel to each other.  My friend and i got out of the station , walked around Chrompet to both SDNB and MIT college. Both were the opposite directions. Once we had finished both ; Our legs dead and so were were ; It was 1 :30. We had left college at 9:30 , so u can imagine out plight :O . Except for reaching our destination areas we walked everywhere (station- college – station) 😦

We took the train back to Nungambakkam. I was so tired and needed energy that i bough 4 baby samosa’s and ate giving one to my friend as she refused to take more. The funny thing i regained energy all over my body except my legs 😦 *sobs* My legs were the important organ today. 😛 Anyway from Nungambakkam we took and auto and came back to my college. From there we took more posters as we were asked to do publicizing in the Adyar area.

SO we got down at Adyar depot (where all the buses stand) took an auto from there and went to AMM school is Koturpuram 🙂 After finishing there we came back the depot *breathes out* *all tired* and started publicizing there. We had about 15 posters with us. So we just walked the length of the road and publicized there. Took us about 2 hours. All exhausted , we wanted to have ICE CREAM! 😀 😛 SO we had ice cream and left home. It was 6 :30pm by the time i got home 😐

But man was this some trip. I got to see Chennai and outside Chennai. I got to do stuff independently and gained confidence on how to openly talk to officials and learned how to goto different places by different means of transport. This is seriously one day ill NEVER FORGET!! 😀


BEST PART : The WHOLE Rotract BOARD Congratulated us for our WORK!! 😀


Well.. see you at the next post 🙂


Night guys!!! 😉



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