Vicks vapo rub and Tea

Once we had boarded the train to come back to Chennai. My sis and i had to get down at trichy @ 12 midnight. The moment we set foot on the trichy station, the insane cold hit us. Blocking our noses and making it hard to breath , out of sheer exhaustion we some manage to sleep though with a bit of struggle.

The next morning before we left for our i ordered for tea. My throat by then had become dry and was paining making it hard to swallow anything. Once the tea had arrived immediately made my own tea waiting for no one. It became a bit of a disaster as i had poured too much milk and had forgotten to pour the hot water 😦 But the tea tasted good and i was forever grateful to that person who invented tea as my throat felt better 🙂

That night , i completely gave up on trying to sleep as my cold had become worse. After a fight with my nose i asked dad if he had some VICKS. Thankfully he did , i applied the vicks on my nose , throat and chest. I closed my eyes one more time and immediately fell asleep. I woke up fresh next morning. I told my sis , ” I’ve never been more grateful to that blessed VICKS VAPO RUB”. 😀 This was followed by a super cup of hot tea , made by my dad this time 😛 Boy was it good for my throat.

As i drank my tea i just thought to myself… * Man has invented the 2 best things in the world. 1) Tea and 2) Vicks Vapo rub * I voiced this to my parents and i found them grinning to each other 😉

Well.. to me these two are the most heavenly gifts from man!! 😀 That’s it for now ppl!! Cya!


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