Another lovely poem forwarded by one of my friends. Her name is Vaidehi Kulkarni. I do not know if  she has written this on her own or someone sent it to her. But it really touched me and i thought the WORLD should know about what HAS happened and IS happening to girls.




A girl is like a bird,

God’s most prettiest creation in the world.

The childhood of girls is their golden age,

After that the world keeps them in a beautiful cage.

This innocent creature looks like a fairy,

Who looses her feather when she marries.

She leads all her life serving others,

She also has a heart but no one bothers.

A dress of happiness and pleasure she wears,

But in every corner you find a girl shedding tears.


Moral : Give the the girls due respect they deserve and try to never hurt them.

Girls… this is also for you towards the boys. Do not hurt the guys as well…. unless they COMPLETELY deserve to be hurt…



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