Those days…

Well… This post is about how for the first time in 18 years i felt that perhaps if today things were the way they were 10 years back…


I guess it was Christmas time.. well a few days before Christmas. I went with my family to Express Avenue to watch Guzaarish. We came to the mall well before the movie was to start and were roaming the mall. We were waiting for dad to come. Standing on the 2 nd floor and looking down to the ground floor , i saw some kids perhaps of age 4 or 5 playing about . Looking at them i felt jealous and told mom, ” These kids are so lucky. They are coming to a big mall like this at such a small age. They are having so much fun and luxury. I don’t remember ever seeing a mall when was i young.” My mom smiled and nodded. She then began telling how even an outing was a pride and privilege for them.. that was when i felt rather wished we were back in the mid 19th century or maybe 20th century.


My mom told me that when she was small my grandpa used to take them (my mom and her 6 siblings [2 sis and 4 bro] ) to a movie EVERY Friday cause that was the day his Bank was on a holiday.. Those days there was no online and stuff like that and neither was outing a privilege for women… yes it was THOSE WAY BACK DAYS! So you can imagine the excitement my mum must have had every Friday in an AMBASSADOR car!!!! :O that was luxury for them. They used to book for next Friday as well . My grandma used to scold grandpa for indulging the children so much as all mom’s wanna keep their kids disciplined. LOL. 😛


There was one more incident that my mom told me… even now as im typing.. My grandpa, whenever he took them all to beach, he used to take all the children of the neighborhood along with them. I could not help but laugh when i heard this…  😉

Well as i was looking down the floor , i just smiled to myself thinking, * I wish life was so simple. With no cell phones or net. Those rare enjoyable family outings. No complications. Happy life. Carefree. No stress. Indulgence. Some drama to get what you want. Pride in having education.* I really wanted that century to come back. Since that day to now (this second) I often wish those OLDEN days are back… for those days when i think about are our GOLDEN days.


Hope we see that simple, non-complicated , carefree life even as we advance with time and technology. I know its impossible.. but let’s try to make it possible by living in the most simple manner and bringing back those times. By simple manner i mean use to advance technology you need for the present and not buy the really advance stuff just coz it’s cool or spend for what u need not just because it’s stylish.


Well.. this is what im going to from now on.. ENJOY LIFE!!! Live in THOSE DAYS as much as possible. I may be 18 but im still 8 years old inside.


Bye for now 🙂